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2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Studies, Minor

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About the Minor

The minor in Arts Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Studies offers students hands-on, practical, field experience to propel them toward careers as professional artists, curators, designers, illustrators, researchers, leaders of non-profit and community arts organizations, or creative entrepreneurs. Through apprenticeships, students utilize the information they learned in such courses as Seminar: Make an Art Exhibition, Exploring Art in Philadelphia, Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Arts & Culture Leadership and Management, Contemporary Curatorial Practice, Art History, Studio Art, and The Artist and the Exhibation: Gallery Practicum. Students can apprentice with artists, art historians, curators, galleries, museums, non-profits, art collectives, community organizations, art publications, and more. This minor explores the current hybrid nature of arts-related careers (e.g. careers as curators, artists, entrepreneurs, administrators, etc.) and supports the values and realities behind the impulse to address the professional synthesis of arts administration, exhibition making, scholarship, production and marketing.

Advisers: Jill Pederson and Abbey Ryan


(23 Credits)

Students who want to minor in Arts Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Studies should consult with the Department of Art and Design Chairperson. BFA and BA Art & Design majors can only double count 2 courses when completing this minor. The remainder of the requirements for the minor must be completed in addition to the requirements for the normal BA or BFA degrees in studio art, art history, scientific illustration and pre-art therapy.

One of the following Studio Art courses (3 credits)

Apprenticeship (4 Credits)

Students can do one 4 credit or two 2 credit apprenticeships: FA 378  : Entrepreneurship/Gallery Apprenticeship and/or AH 378  : Art History/Curatorial Apprenticeship.


Course work in a related field of study must be completed prior to signing up for apprenticeships. Example 1: a student signing up for  an apprenticeship with a curator must first complete AH 323  Contemporary Curatorial Practices. Example 2: a student signing up for an apprenticeship with a studio artist must first complete US 280  Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts. Prerequisites for each type of apprenticeship are listed below in parentheses.

  • FA 378  Entrepreneurship/Gallery Apprenticeship (2 or 4 credits) (apprenticeship with a studio artist, designer, illustrator, or similar: US 280  Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts or US 285 Arts & Culture Leadership and Management)
  • FA 378  Entrepreneurship/Gallery Apprenticeship (2 or 4 credits) (with a gallery, museum, or similar: FA 229  The Artist and the Exhibition: Gallery Practicum or AHXX Seminar: Make an Art Exhibition)
  • AH 378   Art History/Curatorial Apprenticeship (2 or 4 credits) (apprenticeship with a curator, conservator, or similar: AH 323   Contemporary Curatorial Practices)
  • AH 378  Art History/Curatorial Apprenticeship (2 or 4 credits) (apprenticeship with an art historian or similar: AH 111  Western Art: Renaissance to Modern Art or AH 112  Western Art: Prehistory to Medieval)

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