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2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Language Institute

About the Intensive English Program

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers full-time and part-time intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Full-time students attend classes 18-20 hours a week.

At the two Beginning levels (095 and 096), students learn speaking, listening, reading and writing, and grammar in an integrated skills environment. They engage in conversations, read for everyday purposes, and write sentences and brief, descriptive paragraphs.

The three Intermediate levels (097, 098, and 099) address both social and academic uses of English. Students learn to communicate in the classroom and in the community while developing reading and listening strategies, increasing vocabulary, developing grammatical knowledge, and learning about life in the United States. They participate in social conversations and college-level classroom discussions, read popular and academic materials, give oral presentations, and write personal and academic essays.

The advanced level (100) is for students who are preparing to attend colleges in the U.S. Students learn to write essays, listen to and engage in formal and informal conversations on academic content, read academic content critically, and give oral presentations. Students at this level may also be eligible to pay for and take an Arcadia course in their fields of study at the University credit-hour rate.

At all levels, language workshops are available to full-time students. These courses vary by semester and provide more focused practice in such skills areas as pronunciation, grammar, reading and study skills, idioms and vocabulary, TOEFL preparation, or other language-related topics of student interest.

Outside the classroom environment, students also have numerous opportunities to practice English and experience the culture through the Conversation Partners Program and through trips and social activities.

Conditional Admissions Program (CAP)

Students who apply to other departmental programs at Arcadia University with TOEFL scores below University standards for admissions (undergraduate: 71 iBT; graduate: 80 iBT) may be required to successfully complete classes within the intensive English program before taking classes at the university. Students who successfully complete the program with passing grades and who pass a final qualifying examination are then eligible for full admissions to Arcadia University.

Admissions to the ELI

Applications are accepted at all times of the year. Semester courses begin in August, January, May, and July. Availability of specific courses is based upon demand. Students must be 17 or older to study at the English Language Institute.


Fall Semester (15 weeks): August-December

Spring Semester (15 weeks): January-May
Summer Semester A (6 weeks): May-June
Summer Semester B (6 weeks) July-August


2018-19 Tuition—Full-time Intensive English Program tuition is $5,250 for the Fall (August-December), $5,250 for the Spring (January-May), $2,625 for summer session.

University Fee: $350 per semester (Fall and Spring only)

Housing Accommodations—If needed, on-campus housing in residence halls ranges from $3,800 to $5,500 per one 15-week semester (Fall or Spring) per person and $500 to $560 for one six-week summer semester (Summer One or Summer Two) per person. The 15-week semester room rate for University owned apartments ranges from $4,500 to $6,500 per person.
Food–Campus meal plans at the Dining Hall are available, if desired, and costs range from $1,395 to $2,590 per 15-week semester, depending on the chosen plan.

Health Insurance—Arcadia University policy requires that each full-time student provide evidence of some form of health and hospitalization insurance coverage to supplement the medical care provided by the University’s Student Health Service. This coverage may be in the form of an individual policy already in effect, or inclusion in a family policy. University health insurance is available for purchase, with varying premium rates.

Parking—If needed, $70 per year for students living on campus, or $40 per year for commuters.

Textbooks—approximately $180-$200 per semester

Placement Testing

Students take three short placement tests when they first arrive on campus to ensure that they are placed in classes appropriate to their proficiency level at that time. These placement tests include a standardized multiple-choice test (with a Reading section, a Grammar section, and a Listening section), a Test of Written English, and an oral interview.

Level Advancement

At the beginning and intermediate levels (levels 95-98), students must receive an average grade of C (73%) or higher for all ELI courses (with no individual course grade less than a C- or 70%) to advance to the next level.

Additionally, level 99 and level 100 students who receive an average grade of C (73%) or higher for all ELI courses (with no individual course grade less than a C- or 70%) AND who pass a qualifying examination will advance to the next level or complete the intensive program, depending on their qualifying scores. Students who receive an average grade of B (83%) or higher may advance to the next level or exit the program without any final qualifying exam.

If a student does not meet the criteria for level advancement or program completion, he or she may take the same class one more time.

Intensive English Core Courses

At the beginning and intermediate levels (096-099), students take a set of three integrated skills-courses as part of the core curriculum. These three courses include the following: Writing and Reading; Speaking and Listening; and English Grammar.

Students at the advanced level (level 100) may take the following integrated skills courses that address academic content areas.

Bridge Courses

ESL 101 ESL 102 , ESL 103 , and ESL 104  can serve as bridge courses for undergraduate and graduate students, depending on their individual language learning needs.

Special Programs

The ELI offers specially designed short-term programs that are tailored to specific student needs and interests.  Local or overseas institutions, companies, and organizations that have an agreement with Arcadia University usually sponsor these students

Workshop Courses

All full-time students may take one 2-hour workshop course depending on availability and student need.