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2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Program for Working Early Childhood Professionals, B.A., Pre K-4 Certification

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About the Program


Bachelor of Arts in PreK4 with PreK4 Certification

About the PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification Program

The school of Education offers the PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification cohort Program for working early childhood professionals looking to complete their undergraduate degree with PreK4 certification to further advance in their careers.

The curriculum provides course-based and hands-on experiences that enhances one’s knowledge base and craft of working with diverse children from birth to grade 4. This program is guided by School of Education’s core mission of fostering inclusion, equity, and social justice through teaching. Our professors are dedicated to designing meaningful and rich courses grounded in this mission and connected to essential fieldwork which is carefully mentored by classroom teachers, professors, and supervisors. Students learn how to problem solve, innovate, and design culturally sustaining curricula through using inquiry practices.  

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance for each student, the program is offered in a hybrid modality. Courses are offered online in an 8-week accelerated format. Fieldwork is completed in classrooms and involves some face-to-face time for field meetings. Dedicated program coaches work with you to help you plan your program of study and meet your career goals.


Requirements for PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification Program for Working Early Childhood Professional Candidates


Community college Associate’s degree graduates who have completed credits towards a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply to this program.

Undergraduate Teacher Certification Preparation Program Entry Requirements:

  • Completed Associate Degree program from a community college that has an articulation program agreement with Arcadia’s School of Education
  • GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Meets Basic Skills testing requirements with qualifying scores and/or ACT/SAT qualifying scores.
  • Completed and earned grades of C or better in 6 credits in Mathematics above the MA 100  level (recommended: MA 117  and MA 118 ).
  • Completed and earned grades of C or better in 6 credits in English. One course in Composition (EN 101 ) and one course in American/English Literature (recommended EN 229 ).
  • Background Checks: Meets background check requirements using the Castle Branch System.
  • No grade of “C or below” in a required certification course.

Transfer and credit Evaluation

Arcadia University will accept up to 75 credits from regionally accredited two-year institutions.

Transfer credit is granted for college-level work completed at another accredited institution for course content comparable to that appropriate for the degree program.

Credit will not be granted for courses in which grades below “c-“are earned.

Students may be required to take a placement examination in mathematics and/or Arcadia University Writing Inventory for English composition. Assignment or exemption for English composition is determined by performance on the Arcadia University Writing Inventory or by a transfer credit evaluation.

Community College Transfer: Specifically for this program, Arcadia University and the School of Education has core-to-core agreements and program-to-program transfer agreements with Bucks County Community College, Delaware Community College, and Montgomery Community College. 

Requirements for PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification Program for Working Early Childhood Professionals

A total of 128 credit hours are needed to complete the bachelor’s degree with PreK4 certification and the students must fulfill university curriculum requirements. Students must complete at least 64 credits as a part of their program at Arcadia University.

Your program plan will define individual requirements based upon the transfer evaluation and granting of transfer credits.

The following lists all the degree and certification requirements for a Bachelor of Education in PreK4 with PreK4 certification.


130 credits:

Transfer credits from an Associate degree program (64-66 credits)

Pre-Professional Education Courses and Fieldwork (Transfer credits)

  • ED 110  Teaching for Learning (meets Self and Society requirement) + Lab
  • ED 211  Assessment and Intervention in Infancy and Toddlerhood 
  • ED207 STEAM I: Design-Based Thinking, Project-Based Learning, and Making 
  • ED 212  Child and Youth Development  (meets Self and Society requirements) +Lab (ED212L)
  • ED 214  Introduction to Inclusive Education  (meets Self and Society requirement)
  • ED 222  Instructional Techniques in Early Childhood 
  • ED 299  Understanding Language Learning: Using Two Languages To Engage with the World (meets Self and Society, Integrative Learning, Writing and Crossing Boundaries requirement)

Required General Education Courses and Fieldwork (Transfer credits)

  • EN 101  Thought and Expression I (meets Writing requirement)*
  • EN 229  Voices of America (meets Cultural Legacy requirement)*
  • MA 117  Mathematical Concepts I (meets Quantitative Reasoning requirement)*
  • MA 118  Mathematical Concepts II (meets Quantitative Reasoning requirement)*
  • HS 117  American History to 1865
  • ID 101  Science in Civilization I + Lab

Professional Education Requirements (64 credits; core in PreK-4 Education)

Professional Education Courses and Fieldwork

  • ED 306   Strategies for Emergent and Content Literacy: PreK-4 
  • ED306L Fieldwork (1 credit)
  • ED 315  Differentiated Instruction
  • ED307A STEAM I (Birth – 5 years) : Science, Math and the Arts 
  • ED307AL Fieldwork (1 credit) 
  • ED307B STEAM II (PreK- Grade4) : Science, Math and the Arts (proposed to meet Natural and Physical World requirement) 
  • ED307BL Fieldwork (1 credit) 
  • ED308A Literacies of Social Studies I (Birth - 5 years) 
  • ED 308AL Fieldwork (1 credit) 
  • ED308B Literacies of Social Studies (PreK - Grade 4) (Meet the writing requirement)
  • ED308BL Fieldwork (1 credit) 
  • ED3xx Professional Portfolio development (2 credits) (pending approval)
  • ED 3xx PECT Test Preparation (1 credit) (pending approval)
  • ED 323  Early Intervention 
  • ED323L Fieldwork (1 credit)
  • ED 375  Managing an Inclusive Classroom 
  • ED375L Fieldwork (1 credit)
  • ED 387  Pre-Student Teaching 
  • ED387L (Birth – 5 years) Pre-student teaching Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • ED387L (PreK – Grade4) Pre-student teaching Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • ED4xx Teacher Inquiry (pending approval) (proposed to meet GCE, GCR, RW requirement)
  • ED4xxL Fieldwork (1 credit) (pending approval)
  • ED 416  Student Teaching: Early Elementary (9 credits) (meets Senior Capstone Seminar requirement)

Undergraduate Curriculum requirements as defined by transfer status

The requirements for transfer students depend upon the number of credits transferred. All students must complete EN 101  if they do not have an equivalent course with a “B” or better. In addition, all transfer students must complete the global Connections Experience and Reflection as well as the Senior Capstone Project.

Background Checks/Clearances Required for Students in PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification Program for Working Early Childhood Professionals

Background Checks Policy

School of Education Background Checks policy requires all undergraduate students enrolled in Education courses that require fieldwork submit updated  background checks/clearances documents (listed below) annually to the School of Education (by July 1st), via its online platform, Castle Branch.  

  1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Record (Act 34),
  2. Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151),
  3. Federal Criminal History Background Check (FBI/fingerprint check) (Act 114), and
  4. P.P.D. (TB) Test (School Health regulations, 28 PA Code, Section 23.44).
  5. Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting (Act 126)* (renewal required every 5 years)
  6. Request to Release information (FERPA)
  7. School of Education Fieldwork Placement Informed Consent Form

All students are additionally required to report any infractions incurred between renewals. Any student enrolled in Education courses or an Education program who commits a reportable offense listed in Section 111 (e) of PA Act 24, is required to complete and return an Arrest/Conviction PDE form-6004 to the School of Education, Office of Field Experiences and Outreach (Taylor Hall room 203) within 72 hours of any arrest or conviction. 

For full information and forms for clearances, see the School of Education website.

Exit Requirements for Students in PreK4 Degree Completion with PreK4 Certification Program for Working Early Childhood Professionals

  1. Satisfactory completion of all required coursework for the bachelor’s degree and GPA requirement specified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (3.0 GPA).
  2. Satisfactory completion of student teaching (“B” or better) in the area of certification and the PDE 430 performance-based assessment rating form. 
  3. Completion of a professional electronic portfolio.





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