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2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

GFS 306 Marine Biology and Cultural History of the Fijian Archipelago

This is a short international course on the marine biology and cultural history of Figi. It has a weeklong field trip either over spring break (Sat to Sat) or after graduation in May. We will explore the marine biology and cultural history during our six-class meeting and the field component. We will have four class meetings prior to the trip and two when we return. This is a global experience course with a global reflection option. This is a remote biology field station with eco-camp living quarters and full lab facilities including water tables and microscopes for sample processing. We will be taking daily trips to explore key marine habitats and cultural sites of the Island. These trips include hikes and snorkeling to explore the various marine communities and cultural ruins of the island. During these excursions, we will lean about the different habitats and learn to identify both the marine plants since these are less well characterized. Evening activities will include lectures by island experts, campfires and other lab activities. (Special travel fee applies.)

Minimum of junior standing, application required.

Prerequisite: An interest in nature, marine biology and/or Caribbean culture is essential. Trip includes rigorous daily hikes and snorkeling thus one needs to be in reasonable physical shape and be a capable swimmer. This will be accessed during the first class meeting using an in pool swimming test. Snorkeling and water safety will be taught in the two required pre-sessions.