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2020-21 Graduate Catalog 
2020-21 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Awards and Scholarships

Molly Haas Valentine Award: awarded to a graduating student who is completing a graduate degree with distinction and whose dedication to his or her studies has required extraordinary determination to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of excellence. Adeline W. Gomberg Award: awarded to an outstanding graduate student in the education program who has exhibited excellence in the field of reading.

E. Jane Carlin Award in Physical Therapy: awarded to a member of the graduating class who has achieved academic excellence and shows outstanding clinical promise.

Adeline W. Gomberg Scholarship in Reading: awarded to a graduate student matriculated in the reading program who shows promise of becoming a leader in literacy education.

Norman A. Miller Scholarship in Educational Leadership: awarded to the graduate student matriculated in the educational leadership program whose scholarship, interpersonal skills, writing ability, dedication and leadership exemplify the goals and objectives of the educational leadership program.

Hortense T. Moss Graduate Scholarship in Health Sciences: awarded to a graduate student upon completion of his/her first year in a full-time graduate health-related program.

A. Richard Polis Graduate Scholarship: awarded to a student in a full-time program who is listed on the Graduate Dean’s Distinguished Honor List and whose service to the University and to the academic program distinguishes him/her from all other students in the cohort. Students must be nominated by faculty, administrators, and/or other students. To qualify, nominees must write an essay summarizing their service to the University and to the specific department.

Fredric Rieders Forensic Science Award of Excellence: awarded to a graduating Forensic Science student who has demonstrated academic and individual excellence and leadership in the course of his or her professional education. Gretchen M. Paruch Humanitarian Service Award: awarded to a Physician Assistant student who demonstrates academic excellence, leadership among his or her peers, professionalism in both the classroom and clinical setting and service to the community and to the profession.

The Wallace E. Young Community Service Public Health Award: awarded to a graduate student in Public Health/Health Education who exemplifies the spirit of community public health outreach in under-served and high-risk minority communities, and who has engaged in significant health promotion and disease prevention activities through direct service to education.