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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Acting, B.F.A.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting is an intensive four-year sequential course of study in acting, the speaking voice, speech, movement, stage combat, dramatic literature and the history of the theater. The schedule is rigorous; in a typical week, a student works directly with faculty for 27 to 40 hours and spends a comparable amount of time in preparation.

The first few years of training focus on the development of the actor’s imagination and an exploration of the inner resources as they relate to the external demands of the craft. During the fourth year, students actively prepare for a life in the business by crafting resumes and websites; by honing audition skills and by receiving feedback from industry professionals.  B.F.A. candidates have multiple opportunities to be engaged in rehearsal and public performance through our season productions. 

Concentration in Musical Theater

The concentration in Musical Theater is a uniquely designed program supplementing the B.F.A. in Acting with a sequence of courses in musical theater. This pre-professional degree program is designed as a launching pad to the theater arts profession and/or further study at the graduate level.

In addition to completing the requirements for the B.F.A. in Acting, students pursuing the Concentration in Musical Theater follow a sequence of courses in voice training, dance and movement, song interpretation, foundational music courses, and performance practice in various styles within the genre. 


Common Core Curriculum

(39 credits) Theater Arts and Acting Common Core Curriculum

Additional B.F.A. Requirements

(36 credits as listed below)

Additional Requirements

8 credits (200-400 level) in Theater Arts elective courses or other related courses in Theater Arts or other subject areas, by approval of the academic advisor and/or degree coordinator.