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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pan African Studies, Minor

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About the Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Christopher Allen Varlack, Assistant Professor

A minor in Pan African Studies is designed to educate students about the multi-faceted dimensions of communities of African descent worldwide. Committed to graduating well-rounded, intellectually astute students and to the University’s focus on global studies, the Pan African Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor, requiring students to take a variety of courses aimed at enriching their understanding of the sociocultural, historical, political, psychosocial, and economic issues that have affected and continue to affect people of African descent. Inasmuch as this minor serves the needs of the students who are interested in various facets of the Africana experience, it will demonstrate Arcadia’s understanding of the relationships between the discipline and other related disciplines (e.g. Business, History, English, Media & Communications, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Education, International Studies, etc.). In addition, our students who seek to enter some aspect of African American, African or African Diaspora studies will find that they are adequately prepared for colleges and universities with more extensive programs, including graduate programs in the field.


The interdisciplinary minor will require students to complete at least five courses with substantial content on Pan African issues and a minimum of 20 credits. All students must take and pass the core course (SO 275/ PAS275  or PAS275): Introduction to Africana Studies) before graduating with the minor. From that point, they will choose courses from the majors and interdisciplinary programs such as: English, Historical and Political Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Global Field Studies (GFS), University Seminars, and listed courses from French and Theater. Each student is limited to no more than two courses from each Department/Program. If a student wishes to count a course not included in one of the disciplines listed above for the Pan African Studies minor, the course must be reviewed and accepted by the program coordinator.

(20 credits)

Required Course

Three Elective Courses

Chosen from the list below with no more than two courses from each discipline/department:

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