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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Media, B.A., Digital Gaming Studies Specialization

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About the B.A. in Global Media

  • Preparation for careers in media, entertainment, creative industries
  • Professional internships—here or abroad
  • Student-run newspaper, radio station, and TV channels
  • Opportunities to study abroad at some of the top universities around the world

Communication offers a vast array of career opportunities in the fields of media, entertainment, and creative industries in the knowledge economy. Students have a multitude of options to develop their interests, skills and talents in a variety of areas. These Communication programs combine theory with practice, global learning with problem-solving and opportunities with challenges. Students think, reflect and produce creatively and analytically. The programs emphasize writing, visual thinking and speech communication/presentation. These programs also emphasize portfolio development, global perspectives in studying media, and personal attention in academic and career planning.

This program requires that students spend two full-time semesters abroad taking courses in their chosen concentrations with the approval of the Chair of the Department.

Students will have the option of spending each of the two semesters in two different universities in the same country or in two different universities in two different countries, provided they have processed their applications through The College of Global Studies and the International Affairs Office on campus at Arcadia.

Concentrations for B.A. in Global Media

  • New Media Journalism
  • Film Production
  • World Cinema
  • Visual Journalism
  • Media Production
  • Digital Gaming Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Visual Cultures
  • Digital Media
  • Fashion Studies
  • Media Industries
  • Sound and Music

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Global Media

(Credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128 credits)

These programs require one year of study abroad in one of the universities listed below. Students need to work with their advisers and the Chair of the Department to prepare a plan of studying abroad in one of the specialized areas to complete the Global Media degrees.

Communication core

The Core Requirements are the following courses (total of 20 credits):

Global Media students must maintain an overall minimum GPA of a 3.00 before leaving for study abroad

Students may request for a waiver for some universities and some programs, which must be approved by the Department Chair of Communications in consultation with the advisor.

The third set of courses are taken at one of the Universities listed below through the College of Global Studies

Based on the model of integrating the academic training with the demands and needs of professional and policy world, these programs offer courses in many of the exciting, and innovative programs, which transgress traditional boundaries between disciplines and offers programs that are challenging to students. Courses emphasize an integration of theory and practice and traditional and new technologies.

Additional Information

All courses adopt an approach that is essentially global, situating media in the issues of globalization as well those of the specific national media contexts. With their emphasis on creative industries, students will get practical experience as they immerse themselves in the culture of other students attending these universities.

The following courses are recommended for respective specializations in Global Media. Please note that the courses suggested here may not be available at the time for each of the student for the desired semester. The objective here is that the given set of courses from the host University’s offerings constitutes a specialization in B. A. in Global Media for a student from Arcadia University. If the following courses are not available, students may choose similar courses in consultation with the advisor and the Director of the program so long as the scope of specialization remains the same.

For more information, see and www.arcadia.edu/abroad.

Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

Digital Gaming Studies

  • GAME12-200 Computer Game Culture and Audience
  • GAME12-300 Computer Game Form, Narrative and Style
  • COMN12-302 Digital Media and Society
  • COMN13-315 Interactive Experience
  • COMN13-311 Computer Game Industry and Policy

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