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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport Management, B.S.

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About the Degree in Sport Management

  • Prepares graduates for careers in the Sport Management industry
  • Provides a program of study in Sport within a business administration framework
  • Offers an integrated learning experience combining classroom teaching, work experience, and opportunities for travel
  • Serves as preparation for Arcadia’s graduate programs in Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Genetic Counseling, and M.B.A. with a Global Perspective

The demand for professionals in the Sport Management field is increasing. Career opportunities in the field include working with professional teams and leagues, college athletic departments, conference offices, international amateur associations, public/private and recreational agencies, club and facility management marketing and event promotion, sports clothing and more.

Recognizing the increasing emphasis on sound business practices, the program is built on a balance of business administration and sport management courses. We equip graduates with both knowledge and practical application of the discipline to successfully manage a sport related enterprise. The program requires an Internship experience, either in the U.S. or internationally. The program is flexible enough to permit a semester abroad in the four-year curriculum. The College of Global Studies will assist students in choosing an internship or study abroad experience.

Students in this major who wish to pursue a Master’s through our College of Health Sciences can complete courses in science as electives to satisfy entry-level requirements for these programs. Careful planning is required so students work with an adviser from the graduate program to ensure that students have the basic requirements needed for Arcadia University’s graduate program. By taking courses in the sciences as electives, students who pursue this program will have the basic requirements needed for Arcadia University’s graduate programs in Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant/Public Health, Genetic Counseling and an M.B.A. with a Global Perspective.

Senior Capstone Experience: All majors complete a senior thesis project that involves integrating prior knowledge, preparing written reports and making a public presentation. For majors in the School of Global Business, this requirement is satisfied by successful completion of BA 495 .

Pathways to Study Abroad in Sport Management

Students in the School of Global Business are strongly encouraged to build study abroad into their educational experiences. Since most required business courses are offered in Fall and Spring semesters, study abroad is all about planning. Students can schedule study abroad in any semester, except spring of the senior year, which is when the Capstone course is taken. It is possible to schedule consecutive or non-consecutive semesters abroad and still graduate on time. It is also possible to do an internship abroad in the Fall, Spring or Summer. If you are unable to do a long-term study abroad, there are numerous one-week study opportunities that can be done in any semester. With prior approval, courses taken at foreign universities can be transferred to Arcadia to fulfill undergraduate curriculum, including major, requirements.

Requirements for the B.S. in Sport Management

(Credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and credit requirements.)

Two courses in Economics (8 credits)

Two courses in Mathematics (8 credits)

One course in English (4 credits)

One course in Communications (4 credits)

Two courses in Psychology (8 credits)

Seven courses in Sport Management (28 credits)

Additional Requirements for the Bachelor of Science

Three courses in Mathematics (12 credits)

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