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Arcadia University    
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 30, 2021  
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Global Business

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School of Global Business Overview

Real-world Management Skills for a Global Marketplace

  • Preparation for careers in business and not-for profits
  • Preparation for graduate programs in law, business, public administration or economics
  • Computer simulations throughout the business curriculum
  • Experiential, integrative learning through case studies
  • Real-world experience through internships and co-ops
  • Opportunities to spend a semester or a year abroad, or to do an internship abroad at some of the top universities around the world
  • Preparation for professional certification examinations

Accreditation and Memberships

The following Arcadia School of Global Business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP): Accounting, Business Administration, International Business and Culture, and M.B.A.

Arcadia is a member of the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration (MAACBA).

Study Abroad Opportunities in Business

Students in the School of Global Business are strongly encouraged to build study abroad into their educational experiences. Since most required business courses are offered in Fall and Spring semesters, study abroad is all about planning. Students can schedule study abroad in any semester, except one semester of the senior year, which is when the Capstone course is taken. It is possible to schedule consecutive or non-consecutive semesters abroad and still graduate on time. It is also possible to do an internship abroad in the Fall, Spring or Summer. If you are unable to do a long-term study abroad, there are numerous global field studies that can be done in any semester. With prior approval, courses taken at foreign universities can be transferred to Arcadia to fulfill undergraduate curriculum, including major requirements. 

Preparation for Careers in Business, Industry and Not-for-profits

Every business, government, and not-for-profit organization such as banking, insurance, advertising, sales, healthcare, manufacturing, and service needs qualified employees in order to operate smoothly and effectively. Business Administration is a comprehensive major that can lead to rewarding careers in small, medium or large for-profit or not-for-profit organizations. Arcadia’s business programs utilize experiential learning techniques for active involvement in the learning process. These techniques facilitate understanding the external and internal conditions facing organizations and the concepts tools, and techniques that can be used to deal with various conditions.

Arcadia’s School of Global Business courses are designed to:

  • Provide the student with an understanding of external forces, including the technological, legal, political, cultural and economic conditions that influence organizations and managerial decision making.
  • Expose the student to each of the major internal functions (accounting and finance, marketing and operations) that organizations must perform to succeed.
  • Develop the student’s interpersonal, communication, team-management, quantitative and writing skills.
  • Encourage the student to develop an organizational point of view and integrate what he or she has learned.
  • Offer the student an international perspective through both coursework and travel opportunities.

Simulations: Courses such as Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing and the senior-level Business Policy provide students opportunities to compete against each other as they run their own simulated companies. These simulations actively involve students in decision-making processes that managers go through daily, as well as those that require the formulation, implementation and evaluation of long-term strategies.

Case Studies and Experiential Exercises: Case studies and experiential exercises are used in many classes to engage the learner in active problem-solving situations in business environments. These activities expose students to different situations facing industries, firms and individuals.

Internships: The internship experience provides the opportunity to apply knowledge as well as to learn from the experience itself. Students have a number of options, including an internship abroad, to complete the requirements for the internship depending upon their education and career goals.

Presentations: To provide students with opportunities to develop presentation skills, most courses require written, oral, and visual presentations. Recognizing that organizational decisions are not always based on individual analyses, much of the business coursework involves group projects.

Study Abroad: A particularly attractive option within the School of Global Business is the opportunity to spend a semester or even a year studying abroad. In most cases, it is even possible to do the internship abroad. The University also offers global field studies and summer study abroad opportunities.

Senior Capstone Experience: All majors at Arcadia University complete a senior Capstone experience that involves integrating prior knowledge learned through the program with preparing written documents, and making a public presentation. For majors in Accounting, Business Administration, and International Business and Culture, this Capstone requirement is satisfied by successful completion of BA 470  or BA 471  and BA 495 , both of which are required courses for these majors. For the major in Healthcare Administration, this requirement is satisfied by successful completion of HA 470  and HA 490 . For the major in Sport Management, this requirement is satisfied by successful completion of SPM 470  and SPM 495 .

Graduate School Preparation: Arcadia’s Business programs are designed to prepare students to pursue further study at the graduate level. 

Minors: The School of Global Business provides the opportunity to complete a minor. Minors in Accounting Healthcare Administration, Sport Management and Economics are for open to students throughout the University. A minor Business Administration is available to all students who are not majors in Healthcare Administration or Accounting.

Core Competencies: include Communication, Critical Thinking, Ethical Behavior, Global/Cultural Awareness, Information Technology and Personal Development.




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