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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Education

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REAL Certificate


Dr. Clare Papay


Tiffany Bonnell


Raising Expectations for Academic Learning (REAL) Certificate


Founding Dean

Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe (Professor)


Christina L. Ager, Ph.D., Professor
Peter Appelbaum, Ed.D., Professor
Kira Baker-Doyle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Masters and Certificate Programs
Foram Bhukhanwala, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Early Childhood/Elementary Education
Jodi Bornstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair of Teacher Education
Marc Brasof, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Secondary English and Social Studies Education
Bruce Campbell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Educational Leadership
Kimberly Dean, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Academic Adviser
Steven P. Gulkus, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Peggy Hickman, P.D., Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Programs
Augusto Macalalag, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Secondary Math and Science Education and Director of STEM Programs
Kerri Mesner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Clare K. Papay, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Inclusive Special Education and Executive Director of REAL Certificate Program
Sonia Rosen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Educational Studies Minor/Major
Tanya Santangelo, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Jeffrey Shultz, Ph.D., Professor
Lesley Siegel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, Ph.D., Professor, Director of TESOL and Faculty Mentor
Kathy A. Trainor, Ed.D., Instructor, Coordinator of Early Childhood Education
Kathy Wirth, Ed.D., Instructor, Director Reading Certification Program and Director of the Arcadia Community Learning Center (ACLC)

Degrees and Concentrations

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Students entering as first-semester freshmen will pursue the Pennsylvania Department of Education certification categories—see options below—approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Chapter 49.

B.A in Education: Certification in PreK-4
B.A. in Education: Dual Certification in PreK-4 and PreK-8 Special Education
Bachelor of Arts with Five-Year (3+2) program options
(includes B.A. in Education and Master of Education) Fifth-year concentrations in the following areas:
Literacy Education in Reading (Reading Specialist Certification)
Literacy Education in Reading plus ESL (includes certification in both areas)
Literacy Education in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) (includes multiple pathways)
Secondary Education (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
Special Education with certification (PreK-8 or 7-12)

Special Education without certification (with certificate options in Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Transition to Post Secondary Life)
Secondary Education (B.A. or B.S. in Secondary Disciplinary Area with minor track in Secondary Education leading to certification)

Biology (7-12)
Chemistry (7-12)
English (7-12)
General Science (7-12)
Mathematics (7-12)
Social Studies (7-12)

Dual Certification in Secondary Education with Special Education (B.A. or B.S. in Secondary Disciplinary Area with Minor in Secondary Education and certification in 7-12 content area and 7-12 Special Education)
Mathematics (7-12) and Special Education (7-12)
English (7-12) and Special Education (7-12)
Art Education K-12 (B.F.A. in Fine Arts with minor track in Art Education leading to certification)

Minors in Education
Education Studies
Secondary Education
Elementary Mathematics Education (See Mathematics in Undergraduate Catalog)

Related Graduate Study at Arcadia University (See Graduate Catalog)

Arcadia offers a wide range of graduate options in a number of subject areas that can help students attain Arcadia certificates, State Certifications, M.Ed, M.A.Ed, and an Ed.D.

Graduate students can pursue one or more of these advanced degrees:

Certification: Early Childhood / Elementary (Pre K-4); Middle School (Grade 4-8); Secondary (Grade 7-12); Dual Certification (PreK-4/Special Ed, 4-8/Special Ed, 7-12/Special Ed), Reading Certification, TESOL, Art Education

Certificate of Advanced Study: Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism, Infant Toddler Mental Health, PA Director’s Credential, Urban Education, Connected Learning, English as a Second Language, STEM, Transition to Post-Secondary Life.

Doctorate in Education with concentration in Leadership

Master of Education or Master of Arts in Education with Concentrations in: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Secondary Education, Curriculum Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics Education, and Educational Leadership (Supervisory, Principal, and Superintendent Levels).

Graduate students could create an individualized Modular Masters program by combining two or more Arcadia Certificates as a part of their program of study.

Pathways to Study Abroad in Education

Education majors are urged to consider spending a semester abroad. Students who study abroad strengthen their teaching skills through field experiences in schools in another country and enhance their knowledge of the field of education through the courses they take while abroad.

Depending on the program, sophomore or junior year are the most convenient time for Education majors to plan to study abroad. Students are encouraged to make these decisions early in their program in order to adequately plan for appropriate course selection, and in the case of student teaching, to adequately prepare, plan and place students abroad.

Visit the University’s Web site for Pathways to Study Abroad ( Since it is important that students plan ahead for study abroad, they should consult with their advisers as soon as possible and make their intentions known to the Chair of their department and the Associate Dean of International Affairs.


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