May 30, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

ED 684A Behavioral Consultation in Homes, Schools and Communities

3 credits
Consultation is an indirect service delivery model, in which the consultant works with the consultee to change the behavior of the client. Many people associate consultation with an “outsider” hired to come into an organization. However, many full time employees serve the role of internal consultants, as well. Most behavior analysts are in a consultative role. Consultation has become a major approach to service delivery of psycho-educational services to children and adolescents. Behavioral consultation is built on learning theory.

Behavioral Consultants are performance enhancement specialists, who work in many areas including education, business, and personnel training. Using the methods of applied behavior analysis and the problem solving process, behavioral consultants even attempt to improve the performance of themselves as consultants. This course focuses on behavioral consultation in the school system and community settings. It performs a task analysis of verbal relations that need to occur in the consulting process and then trains those behaviors directly.

The topics covered are best practices in behavioral consultation, the verbal behavior of the consultant, the verbal behavior of the consultee, building a consulting relationship, problem identification interviewing (goal setting and behavioral objectives), descriptive analysis (direct observation and data collection procedures), problem analysis interviewing, functional behavioral assessment methodology, functional analysis, positive behavioral support and the competing behaviors model, treatment plan design and implementation, and treatment evaluation using single subject designs and graphical analysis of the data. This course is an intensive lab course that focuses on the practical.

Course is Exempt from School of Education Background/clearances check policy.