Jun 24, 2024  
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AH 220 Medieval Art

This course explores major examples of medieval art within the context of cultural history.  Lectures and classroom discussions will introduce students to important frescoes, sculptures, manuscript illuminations, metalwork, ivories, tapestries and stained glass of the era.  The construction and symbolism of key architectural monuments from Christian basilica, Islamic mosque and crusader castle to the Gothic cathedral will be investigated.  A variety of cultural themes such as the art of courtly love, life in the castle, chivalry and the rules of the tournament, the impact of the music and poetry of the troubadours and trouveres and the culinary practices of the knightly class, will be explored in relationship to key works of art.  The semester will culminate with a medieval banquet in the Grey Towers Castle.