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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

US 280 Exploring Entrepreneurship in the Arts

This University Seminar explores the relationship between art making and entrepreneurship with an active focus on self-actualization. The course is organized to include three units: History (3 weeks), Philosophy (5 weeks), Personal Practice (6 weeks). Each unit consists of a seminar (Monday) and a seminar/practicum (Wednesday), that incorporates group projects, field trips for observations, films, and guest lecturers. Seminar lectures/discussions reference both traditional/historical art making (i.e. “the Classics”) in relation to the current DIY art culture (i.e. “the Cutting-Edge”). Each unit works toward experiential, integrative learning through case studies & presentations, that manifest course concepts and examined innovations. Each unit also addresses qualities of entrepreneurship (i.e. stagnant/impossible vs. active/appropriate ventures). Unit I includes a historical survey of entrepreneurship in the arts through an investigation of questions such as “what is art?” and “what is business/ entrepreneurship?” and “what is a commodity?”-Along with discussions of profiles of artists/entrepreneurs from the Renaissance to today, real world guests, online resources, and videos. In Unit II, students explore a deeper philosophical inquiry of the questions and concepts raised in the process of combining art with commodity. In Unit III, students investigate a personal practical application of course concepts via entrepreneurial business plan development in the arts.